Surety Bonds

Contract Bond Services

By understanding a contractor’s past, analyzing their present financial condition and creating goals for the future we can help contractors maximize their bonding program.

With a bond program, contractors diversify their revenue by creating an eligibility to bid as a prime contractor on governmental contracts. Maintaining a surety bond program can also help subcontractors get prequalified with general contractors.

We understand a bond program is essential to any growing construction company. Our decades of experience, industry relationships and risk management approach are geared towards taking your bond program to the next level.

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Limited Underwriting Bond Program

Our agency can offer contract bond programs for small contract amounts, up to $1,000,000, that emphasize streamlined, commonsense underwriting with limited documentation. This simplified bond program is primarily credit based and allows for quick processing with minimal requirements. This is a great option for contractor who are not regular users of surety credit.

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Commercial Surety

Miscellaneous surety bonds are required as a result of a wide variety of circumstances. From financial guarantees, court or probate mattes and contractor licenses our firm has assist with the following types of bonds in a multitude of states.

  • Electrical, Plumber, HVAC license bonds
  • Wage and welfare bonds
  • Probate bonds
  • Public Adjuster bonds
  • ERISA bonds
  • Fidelity bonds
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