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Compare Home Insurance: Name Brands vs. ???

We are an independent agent representing many different insurance companies and
we’ve been around along time (since 1929).

What does this mean for you?

We know what’s out there for property insurance and we can save you time by providing reliable, expert comparison shopping quotes for your homeowner’s insurance needs.

Why Buy Home Insurance?

Homeowner's insurance protects you against the loss of personal property and possessions through fire, theft, and many natural disasters. Homeowners are required to have this kind of insurance before getting a home loan. The most well known type of insurance is for the dwelling itself. This type of insurance also provides coverage for your belongings, even when they are away from your home, as well as protecting you against liability suits from accidents that lead to damage to other property.

There are many ways to reduce your homeowners insurance rates, including available discounts for alarm systems and raising your deductible. Call us today to determine if you have the coverage you need for the right price.

Other Property Insurance we provide:

Renter's Insurance

Renter's insurance is similar to homeowners insurance. It includes the same protection for your belongings at home and away, as well as liability coverage. Not included is the coverage for the building, which should be covered by the owner's Landlord's policy.

Condo Owner's Insurance

This insurance is also similar in many ways with homeowner's insurance. Instead of covering the entire dwelling, it only covers the interior of your residence. There is some coverage for things such as cabinets and fixtures, as well as personal property protection and liability coverage.

Landlord's Insurance / Fire Insurance

These policies cover the dwelling without covering the personal property of the tenant. The owner could included contents coverage for his property on the premises, such as appliances. Loss of rents can also be included along with owners liability protection.

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