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Where to Get a Surety Bond

Since 1929, we have been providing insurance for contractors who utilized builders risk insurance products in the form of surety bonds to bid on municipal, state and federal projects. Our agency represents both large national bonding companies and smaller regional firms to provide construction companies with multiple options. We can also offer "Fast Track Bond Programs" ® for contractors that need fast approval and minimal paperwork. Our Contract Works Insurance and bond products are customized to meet your specific needs.

Contractors License Bond

Plumbers, electricians, HVAC contractors, public adjusters and public officials all are required to be licensed and bonded in the state of New Jersey if they plan on working on residential homes. The goal of these bonds are to protect both the public by ensuring each principle will conduct business professionally, abide by local ordinances and hold the state and county government entities harmless.

Performance and Payment Bonds

Bid Bonds:
Most public and many private construction projects require all contractors guarantee their work and will honor their bid or proposal. The process starts with a Bid Bond during the project bidding process.

Performance Bonds are the next step in the contract awarding process and basically guarantees the owner that the contractor or sub contractors on the project will complete the project according to the agreed terms. If either party defaults, the third party or surety will see the agreement through to an acceptable resolution.

With a payment bond, the owner of the contract guarantees that the subcontractors and suppliers will all be paid the monies agreed upon in the contract. For example, on a private construction project where a general contractor is the principle on the project, all those hired by the general contractor will be paid should the principle fail to pay the subcontractors and suppliers directly.

W. Bruce Beaton Insurance will write all three types of bonds either separately or as a package, helping your company win more bids and ensure all parties get paid when the job is complete! Call us today to start winning more high quality construction projects.

Other Surety Bonds We Write

Fidelity Bonds – Protect your company against employee theft with a fidelity bond. This type of bond guarantees that all bonded employees will handle their employer's property and monies honestly. And if they don't, the losses your organization incurs is covered according to the terms of this agreement.

Court Bonds – Judicial bonds and probate bonds are sometimes required by parties seeking court remedies as a result of litigation or a form of guarantee that those entrusted with the care of others property will handle this responsibility faithfully.

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